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All sizing is done on measurements to assure accuracy on all body shapes.
All measurements are taken unstretched. Measurements will be less when nappies are made from woven materials, such as quilter's cotton.

Lil' Squishies

Lil' Squishies' sizing is based on measurements, not weight. 

Rise: 29cm-34cm unstretched, stretched up to 39cm
Waist: 25cm-35cm
Thighs: 12cm-18cm unstretched, stretched up to 25cm

Big Squishies
Big Squishies' sizing is based on measurements, not weight.

Rise: 34cm-42cm unstretched, stretched up to 49cm
Waist: 30cm-45cm
Thighs: 16cm-23cm

The measurements have been taken from an actual nappy. The smaller number is unstretched, the larger number is stretched. All measurements are approximates. Please measure you child to assure the proper size.

Size Rise Waist Thighs Weight
Newborn 32cm 22-47cm 10-27cm 2.7-5.5kg
Small 35-40cm 27-50cm 15-32cm 3.5-9kg
Medium 35-45cm 30-52cm 16-33cm 6.5-13.5kg
Large 40-47cm 35-60cm 20-35cm 10-18kg
X-Large 45-52cm 40-67cm 22-37cm 16+kg

Washing Instructions


Gone are the days of buckets of water and soaking! Today's cloth nappies are easy peasy to care for. It's as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Dispose of solids into toilet
  2. Toss nappy and booster into empty bucket
  3. On wash day, wash on warm/cold, using 1/4-1/2 the normal amount of washing powder/liquid. Line Dry.

Do not use vinegar, bleach or other soakers when washing your nappies, They can cause PUL and elastic to deteriorate.

Regular dryer use can cause PUL to deteriorate and elastic to weaken.

Always unsnap boosters before washing.



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